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Noga Tirkel

Home. Land. Homeland.

Noga Tirkel (maiden name Marinberg), sister of the late Rachel and Tali. Daughter of the late Yaakov and Shoshana.

She was born on June 22, 1952 at the Kirya Hospital in Tel Aviv. The parents and her sister Rachel lived in the beginning in their grandmother's apartment on Bilu Street in Tel Aviv. At the age of two months, the family moved to Ramat Hachayal in a modest two-room apartment. Yaakov received the apartment for soldiers who served in the army. To the apartment.

In 1959, the family moved to Givatayim, to an apartment built by her father above Grandpa Zeev's apartment. In this house Noga grew up as a child when she entered the Ed Gordon Elementary School. The area of ​​the hut in Givatayim included an auxiliary farm where she worked as a child and raised goats, chickens and nurtured fruit trees. In the building in Givatayim they lived with grandparents and from a young age got used to living with the whole family in one house.

In her youth she was an outstanding athlete, loved art and going to working and learning youth. The class-group from Ken Borochov accompanied the mother until her last day. She graduated from the "Kalay" high school in Givatayim in 1969 majoring in literature. Noga's family grew up in the kibbutzim - Grandma Shoshana's side in Kibbutz Geva and Mizra, Grandpa Yaakov's side in Kibbutz Hahotrim and Degania. All her life she enjoyed traveling to visit the family in the kibbutzim and dreamed of living in the kibbutz. Together with Garin Urban, it came to fruition and was sent to hold on to the Golan Heights (Quneitra). After a few months when she realized he was not working with the nucleus, she decided to retire and enroll in 1971.

When she enrolled the army, she served in the Negev Nuclear Research Campus in Dimona and typed studies that the researchers wrote in handwriting. In the Negev Nuclear Research Campus, a beautiful young man, a kibbutznik (Micha), was engaged in radioactive testing. Moishale Porat, a close friend of Noga and Micha, met the young couple in the housing estates in Dimona and have not parted since.

Noga thought she would get to move to the kibbutz and make her dream come true, but life had other plans. Micha and Noga moved to Givatayim, in a house built in the same place where she grew up, in an apartment building with the extended family.


As a beginning art lover, Noga went to study weaving at the Art College in Ramat Hasharon. The studies were the beginning of a long artistic journey that accompanied her life and the lives of her relatives. To delve deeper into art, she studied for a bachelor's degree in literature and community theater at Bar-Ilan University in 1977.

Noga painted for 40 years in the "Free Workshop" at the Shazar Community Center in Givatayim under the guidance of Itzik Adi and Heleni Shamai, and her paintings adorn the walls of friends and family. The object of the paintings were personal things and close to the mother - the family and the kibbutz landscape, which for her is the beautiful Land of Israel. Over the years she received creative ideas that turned into fascinating series of paintings: a series of children's fairy tales based on the puppet figures who were at home with each fairy tale an interesting personal angle, a series of works of art in memory of her sister Rachel who died of cancer in 1993. The famous painter in Roigel whom she loved, children of kibbutzim who appeared in the photo archive of Yad Tabenkin where she worked became the object of paintings.

To make a living, Noga worked as a medical secretary at Clalit Health Fund in the early 1980s. She then moved to the Miro public relations office in Tel Aviv. In 1993, Noga began working for the Palmach Tents Association together with Haim Hefer and produced 22 documentaries about the Palmach. She studied archiving at Beit Berl College in the years 2002-2003 and worked at the Yad Tabenkin Archive as the person in charge of the photo and video treasure of the kibbutz movement between the years 2003-2012, from where she retired.

Noga loved home and family. She had 3 children: Taeer, Idan and Yotam. She was privileged to raise the grandchildren of Taeer and Udi: Liri, Ori and Netta. And take care of and raise the grandchildren of Lika and Idan: Itai and Yannai. Be sure to bring the family together for Saturday lunches and holiday eves, go on joint outings and celebrate birthdays with a loving family gathering. Noga was a significant pivot in the extended families and took care to keep in touch and preserve the stories and family heritage in storytelling photos and incessant documentation of the immediate family experience.

In December 2019 she was infected with the damn cancer. After a long struggle and many surgeries, Noga suffered from an infection and bacteria that spread in her body after the immune system was weakened. With great courage, she asked the medical staff and her family to fulfill her request, as she had wanted all her life - not to get into a situation where she had to be nursed and suffering and to live only a life full of value.

Noga passed away in her sleep on Wednesday morning, 3/18/2020, surrounded by family and loved ones, without pain. Leaving behind a devoted and loving husband, 3 children, 5 grandchildren and a close and distant family who love her to infinity.

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